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bug safety

Summer is a wonderful time of the year – everyone wants to get outside and enjoy the weather…including bugs! Here are some tips on how to enjoy the season and keep your family safe.

Scented lotions, perfumes and hair sprays attract bugs - avoid the use of these products.

Avoid areas where insects nest or gather, such as stagnant pools of water, uncovered foods and gardens where flowers are in bloom.

Flying insects and bugs are drawn to bright colors and flowery prints – try not to dress your child in such colors and prints.

Bees do leave a stinger. If your child is stung and you can see the stinger, try to remove it by gently scraping across the sting with a credit card or your fingernail. Do not use a tweezers to remove. Don’t worry if you can’t see it or can’t remove it.

To protect your family from insects such as mosquitos and ticks, insecticides containing DEET are very effective. Although there are reports of danger using insecticides, insecticides containing DEET are safe if used properly according to directions on the label. The complications are rare and the risk is low if used properly. The concentration of DEET in products varies widely from product to product. Carefully read labels! DEET containing insecticides should not be used on infants under 2 months of age. For infants older than 2 months and children, the recommended concentration of DEET should not exceed 30%. Concentrations of DEET greater than 30% are not more protective and may be dangerous.

Apply the DEET sparingly to exposed skin, and not to a child’s face, hands or skin that is irritated or abraded. For maximum effectiveness, tick and insect repellents need to be reapplied every 1-2 hours. After your child comes in the house, wash skin well with soap and water.

Protect your family this summer safely and enjoy the great outdoors! If you have any questions call the Indiana Poison Center at 800-222-1222.


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