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Child passenger safety

Motor vehicle crashes remain the leading cause of injury-related death among children ages 14 and under, accounting for 2568 deaths in 1998. Furthermore, more than 274,000 children ages 14 and under were injured as occupants in motor vehicle crashes in 1998. On an average day, seven children under 14 are killed, and 866 are injured in motor vehicle crashes here in the United States. Here in Indiana, 55 children under the age of 16 were killed in motor vehicle crashes in 1999.

One glaring reason for the high number of injuries and fatalities is because children are still traveling in motor vehicles unrestrained or not properly restrained in Indiana. In fact nearly 60% of the Hoosier children fatally injured in motor vehicle crashes in 1999 were unrestrained. In addition, the misuse of child safety seats continues to be a major problem. Nine out of every ten child safety seats are misused in Indiana, which mirrors national trends.

Call your Local Fitting station to schedule appointment to have your child passenger seat inspected.

South Bend Police Dept., 701 W. Sample St, Sgt. Bill Krause (574) 235-5858

St. Joseph Co. Police, 401 W. Sample St., Sgt Regis Thimons (574) 235-9569

Memorial Hospital of South Bend, 114 Main St., Wendy Nash (574) 647-6880

Clay Fire Territory, Station #1 18776 Cleveland Rd, (574) 272-3012, Station #2 18355 Auten Rd., (574) 272-1710, Station #3 51775 Portage Rd, (574) 272-9828

Lakeville Police Dept., 209 S. Michigan St., (574)784-2024

North Liberty Police Dept., 116 N. Main St., Michael Snowdon (574) 656-3359

Goshen Police Dept., Joe Brown, (574) 533-8661



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